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    जापानले दिएको ८ लाख डोज अष्ट्राजेनेका खोप शनिबार काठमाडौँ आइपुग्ने

    साउन २०, काठमाडौँ । जापान सरकारले अनुदानमा दिन घोषणा गरेको ८ लाख डोज अष्ट्राजेनेका खोप शनिबार काठमाडौं आइपुग्ने भएको छ।

    काठमाडौंस्थित जापानी राजदूतावासले विज्ञप्ति जारी गर्दै शनिबार र आइतबार गरी आठ लाख डोज खोप आउने जानकारी दिएको हो।

    जापानबाट बिहीबार र शुक्रबार गरी दुइटा विमान काठमाडौंका लागि उड्नेछन्। ती खोप क्रमशस् शनिबार र आइतबार काठमाडौं आइपुग्ने विज्ञप्तिमा उल्लेख छ।

    जापान सरकारले नेपाललाई १६ लाख डोज अष्ट्राजेनेका खोप दिन लागेको हो। बाँकी आठ लाखपछि आइपुग्ने राजदूतावासले जनाएको छ।

    राजदूत किकुता युताकाले अनुदानमा दिइएको खोपको सही उपयोग हुनेमा आशावादी भएको बताएका छन्।


    Embassy of Japan
    P.O. Box 264, Kathmandu

    JEINF No.32-2021
    August 4, 2021

    (Kathmandu, August 4): The Japanese-made AstraZeneca vaccine for Nepal is scheduled to be airlifted on August 5 and 6 from Japan to Nepal, expected to arrive in Kathmandu on August 7 and 8 respectively. As the result, approximately the half of 1.6 million vaccines Japan has pledged will be delivered to Nepal. The latter half of the Japanese-donated vaccines for Nepal will be shipped to Kathmandu in due course, under the arrangements with the relevant organizations.

    Ambassador KIKUTA hopes that these Japanese COVID-19 vaccines will be utilized expeditiously for the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, with a good coordination by the Ministry of Health and Population of Nepal.

    In this pandemic, the Embassy of Japan has been tackling COVID-19 together with the Government of Nepal to save more Nepali people’s lives. This vaccination assistance is one of our challenges even in this hardship; Ambassador Kikuta looks forward to working for the post-COVID society and economy of Nepal.

    Embassy of Japan in Nepal
    The Embassy of Japan in Nepal temporary changed the office phone number
    due to working remotely as a preventive measure against COVID-19.
    (1) Tel: 98510-43741 (2) Tel: 98510-20405
    (Our usual number Tel: 4426680 / Fax: 4414101)



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